Wiz Toilet Cleaner

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125ML, 250ML, 500ML


  • Contains crucial ingredients which helps to remove tough oil, Urine and water-based stains from toilet with ease.
  • Helps fight and defeat odor and any unpleasant smell substituting it with a fresh aroma that populates the air.
  • Better than the ordinary bleach.
  • It also disinfects your toilet clearing any and all germ particles residing in the toilet

Safety Pre-Cautions:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If the product contacts with eyes or skin, rines immediately with water or consult a doctor/li>
  • Wash hands after use and before taking meals.
  • Do not use with any other product.
  • While using keep all doors and windows open & keep exhaust fan on
  • keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store Below 35°C

Shelf Life: 2 Years


HCL 34% as an active ingredient
Acid Thickener, Hydrochloric Acid, pine oil/ lactic Acid, Water, Softener, Color & Fragrance.


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WIZ wash introduces you with the best toilet cleaner that will remove the stubborn stains permanently through your washroom, Our Company will use pure ammonia in the cleaner that will remove the stains of your toilet. This is so useful for the floor of the toilet because we use the chemical in them that will remove the bacteria in your bathroom. One more thing is aware of bleach powder and liquid with the use of toilet cleaner.
This is not good for you. This cleaner will scrub the wall of the toilet and floor beautifully. The dirt in the wall and between the tiles will remove by the use of this cleaner. You can use easily and don’t worry about your skin. Home Cleaning Products It will never damage your hand and foot.

Use of Toilet Cleaner

You can apply a little amount of wiz toilet cleaner on the floor of the washroom and use a brush for scrubbing the floor. After applying you can see the magic of this product. We give you a guarantee about our product that you will never see any complaint about our products.
We have also liquid detergent and this is used for washing clothes. You can saw or use some other detergent that will give so rough and bad washing experience but don’t worry we are here to promote our products.
Mostly oil stains, grease, and other food stains are not cleaned by local detergents but we are here with our latest liquid detergent that will remove all these stains permanently. You can use our products and see the magical change in your life.

We create our products with 100% pure chemicals. We also give you home delivery from where you are? Whether you are? Just use our products and make your home neat and clean. The WIZ wash helps you in washing or cleaning so use it and love it.

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125ml, 250ml, 500ml


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