Wiz Multi Purpose Cleaner Matte

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  • High quality Wiz wash Multipurpose cleaner made for surfaces with a matte touch that instantly removes embedded grains of dirt, dust, airborne environmental deposits, scratches and smudges for a definite new and smooth look.
  • Cleans the external surfaces of all your leather products from sofas to handbags, wrist watch straps and much more so sit back and relax as the multipurpose wiz wash cleaner gives your products a freshly polished and new look.
  • Anti-Static formula helps prevent the buildup of static-charges and smooths the surface
  • Removes dust particles/grime and gently cleans away fingerprints from the depths and gives it a polished matte finish.
  • Simple, easy and safe to be used on all sorts of matte surfaces.
  • No special equipment needed.

Recommeded Use for excellent shine and polish:

  • Apply with a clean microfiber cloth for a perfect matte look

Can be used anywhere, in any weather condition.



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The wiz wash Multi-Purpose Cleaner Spray with the special matte shine is a powerful spray that provides a unique crispiness and with its special anti-static dust formula it provides with a shining effect that lasts forever. It is perfect for cleaning a wide assortment of surfaces that have been dulled down because of prolonged use. What’s more, it additionally gives an enduring and fantastic UV protection to oblige its smooth hydrophobic structure. The effective cleaner cuts right through oil, eliminates dust particles, smudge and scratches leaving a sleek lustrous matte surface for you to appreciate

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