Wiz Liquid Dishwash

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250ML, 500ML


  • Cleans all sorts of glass made dishes all with just one wipe
  • Leaves an unmatched streak-free sparkle
  • The Liquid Starts to cut down the dirt particles even before you begin to wipe.
  • Eliminates all kinds of fingerprints, smudges and grime on the surface of the dishes.
  • Produces a scratch-less clean which is haze free and anti-mist.

Can be used anywhere, in any weather condition.


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The Wiz Dishwash liquid Cleaner gives all of your dishes a premium and original look. A look that lasts long and protects all glass-made items by preventing grime particles from settling on top and producing a clean and bold surface that not only is haze-free but anti-mist as well all with just a wipe.

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250ml, 500ml

1 review for Wiz Liquid Dishwash

  1. Shafiq Ahmad

    Salam sir I want that I will buy more product from you that than I will sell to others shop so that I will be earn money

    • admin

      wslam inbox us on +923457203920

    • admin

      yes u can do

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