Pulire Instant Disinfectant Spray



Key Features

  • 500ml spray bottles of disinfectant with added cleaning activity,  from wiz/ Pulire solutions .
  • EPA-Recommended (Active ingredients ) Disinfectant. fight against gram/Negative Bactria, gram positive Bactria kill 99.9%  of germs
  • Labor-saving formula is ready to go straight from the bottle, Works on wide range of surfaces
  • perfect for commercial rest areas, kitchens , schools and office break rooms
  • Bleach Free Cleaner : This bleach free formula kills most organisms in 2 minutes up to 33% faster than a leading quaternary spray
  • For use in health care sittings: Use in health care sittings including’s hospitals, medicals facilities, dental offices, veterinary offices and long term care facilities

Usage Instructions:

  • Spray 6-8 Inches from surface. Wipes with sponge or clothe. Do not breath spray or mist.
  • Refill only with this products
  • for Surfaces that may come in contact with food, a potable water rinse is required.
  • General Cleaning: Spray product directly on to soils and wipe clean. nor rinsing needed. Repeat for heavily solid areas. Can be used on most washable surfaces, fabric and carpet.


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Are you in search of an excellent instant Disinfectant Spray? So, the search is over. Now, Pulire has introduced Instant Disinfectant Spray. Because Pulire could do magic to Disinfect surfaces, Furniture, Living room, kitchen, booster seat, Pillows, mattress, couches /Sofa, Door Handles, cars interiors,  garbage cane, toilet seat, bathroom, and pet beds, etc. wizwash a house of cleaning products.


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