Hygiene Offer 3


1.7 ltr


  • High-Quality Laundry Detergent
  • High-Quality general Purpose Cleaner Rose
  • Toxic free formula makes this hand sanitizer an eco-friendly, safe and easy to use product for everyday use

Safety Pre-Cautions

  • Avoid direct or indirect contact with the eyes at all times
  • If contact with eyes does occur then immediately rinse well with water
  • Keep away from the potential reach of children.


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Wiz Liquid Detergent 500ml

We have the best washing products for you that can give a new look at your clothes. The fragrance is added to our washing material because people said that they wash their clothes and feel the washing powder smell is good for you fabric care. So for that, we start producing that liquid for washing clothes that have fragrance also. Sometimes strong and powerful stains are present on our clothes and these stains are not easily remove able but we provide you liquid detergent that removes all the powerful stains from your clothes. You don’t need to use bleach or any other thing for that. liquid detergent

General Purpose Cleaner Fresh Rose 1000ml

Now get rid of all sort of dirt, dust, debris, germs, tiny little ants, and other hardened stains over the surface better than the other conventional cleaners within minutes. The wiz wash general purpose cleaner can be utilized on any surface, floors, ceramic tile, marble & stone. Its acid free formula won’t cause any damage to your surface. Moreover, it quickly covers a large area with just few drops and give your surface a clean, shiny and stain-free looks. Also, it can be utilized over waxing floors.

Hand Sanitizer 100ML

  • Excellently balanced pH natural formula that is extremely gentle to be used on skin without any irritation or causing any skin infection or disease
  • Using wiz hand sanitizer once with will clearly remove all sort of germs, dirt, dust, debris and keep your hands smelling nice and fresh throughout the day
  • Contains the high-quality evaporating formula that helps to keep your skin soft through-out the entire day
  • Fight Corvid-19

Product Details:

Keeping your hands sanitized has never been this safe and easy. With wiz wash Hand sanitizer, you are able to eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria that reside in your hands and leave a fresh aroma that stays with you for a long time. Made from Halal and biodegradable ingredients this product will leave your hands feeling lighter, fresh, clean and spotless.

Additional information

Weight1.7 kg
Hand Sanitizer

Cucumber, Floral, Orange, Pure


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