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50ML, 100ML, 200ML

Product Key Features:

The toxic-free formula makes this hand sanitizer an eco-friendly, safe and easy to use the product for everyday use
Biodegradable nature of this pure hand sanitizer helps to keep your hands clean, fresh, hygienic and free of all sorts of germs and dirty bacteria.
This hand sanitizer is made with halal ingredients denatured alcohol that makes it be useable for all age groups
This Product is PCSIR Approved. Tested and proven safe and deemed highly useful by Dermatologists.
Safety Pre-Cautions:

Avoid direct or indirect contact with the eyes at all times

If contact with eyes does occur then immediately rinse well with water

For external use only: Do not Swallow

Shelf Life: 2 Years


Iso pharma-grade 99.99%  an active ingredient

Carbopol Gel, Cetyl Alcohol, TEA, Glycerin, Polymer color


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Excellently balanced pH natural formula that is extremely gentle to be used on the skin without any irritation or causing any skin infection or disease
Using wiz hand sanitizer once with will clearly remove all sort of germs, dirt, dust, debris and keep your hands smelling nice and fresh throughout the day
Contains the high-quality evaporating formula that helps to keep your skin soft throughout the entire day

Product Details:

Keeping your hands sanitized has never been this safe and easy. With wiz wash Hand sanitizer, you are able to eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria that reside in your hands and leave a fresh aroma that stays with you for a long time. Made from Halal and biodegradable ingredients this product will leave your hands feeling lighter, fresh, clean and spotless.


With a few generous drops of wiz wash hand sanitizer, wet your hands thoroughly and rub into skin until dry ensuring maximum coverage throughout the hands and getting into all the nook and crannies where germs may reside

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Hand Sanitizer

Cucumber, Floral, Orange, Pure


100ml, 200ml, 50ml


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