Car Shampoo 900ML

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  • Premium and state of the art car wash soap that is not only extremely effective but also natural and gentle to be used on all sort of vehicle surfaces.
  • Prepared with high-quality pH neutral water softeners, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Foam boosters and water, this dense foam car wash reduces streaking, rusting and shading without leaving any water spots upon rinsing.
  • Smoothly removes and cleans all sort of grime, dirt and other dust particles safely from your vehicle and gives an immense amount of shine.
  • Protects the Non-Stick UV Protective Coating, color, wax, sealant layers, and natural shine on all vehicle surfaces while keeping it just like new.
  • Extreme suds, perfect and excellent all-purpose direct apply car wash product for weekly maintenance, that is easy to use with just simple rinses and clean with no residue.

Can be used anywhere, in any weather condition.



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We always try to create those products for our clients that prove so helpful for them that is why we create for them one more important product that is almost a need of every car person. We create a Car Shampoo that is useful for a car person. This shampoo is good for removing stains on the car.

We are e world’s best car shampoo for you. The WIZ wash to provide you all cleaning products online so you don’t need to visit any market or not get tired. You can make your vehicle save by the use of our product those are created especially for the vehicle.

You can enjoy your vehicle by perfect wash. The vehicle is clean so you will never feel any bad smell. You can enjoy your trips with your family and friends and don’t worry about the dusty areas because now you have a car shampoo of WIZ wash Company Home Cleaning Products.

Make a professional at your home and clean your car in a professional way. You can use WIZ wash Car Interior Cleaning for the best result. There is no doubt that when you apply our products and use them for cleaning so, you can see an amazing change.

You can use our home cleaning services and you can also use our Car Interior Cleaning. The car cleaner shampoo will clean each part of your car deeply. You can apply car shampoo and leave this in your car for half an hour or more.
After some minutes you can remove this shampoo with the help of duster. Then you saw that yes some old stains on your car will remove so smoothly or beautifully. We suggest that you can use our products for the good use of the vehicle. Your vehicle will always be fine with our product’s use.

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