Bike shampoo + polish 900ml

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  • Premium quality Bike shampoo polish that instantly removes embedded grains of metal, tree sap, airborne environmental deposits, dust / dirt, tiny scratches and other paint overspray for definite new and shiny look
  • High quality and excellent mix of polydimethylsiloxane, a silicon-based polymer, and this Bike shampoo polish conveniently and gently washes and adds polish, so that your Bike’s shiny look and sealants are completely protected.
  • Highly advanced chemistry mix along with a high-lubricity allows you to polish vehicle without a single water spot and protects the surface against swirling and scratching.
  • Containing advanced polymer chemistry materials that gives your vehicle a complete glossy, synthetic liquid barrier that lasts weeks; Regular use provides a long lasting benefit to your vehicle.
  • Simple, easy and safe to be used on all sort of vehicle surface including glossy paints and clear coat finishes, glass, chrome, polished metals, and plastic trim.
  • Can be utilized anywhere along with no hose, bucket or rising; Direct apply method.

Recommeded Use for excellent shine and polish:

Apply with a clean microfiber cloth for a perfect glossy and shiny look



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When you ride on your bike so you want that your ride is beautiful. When you wear neat and clean clothes so you can feel good except for wearing dirty clothes. So the same as you also try to ride on neat and clean vehicles. The clothes, shoes, home and also the vehicle show your personality. So you can show a good personality to others that will impress all. You don’t do any effort and neither have you paid a large amount for that you just buy our best shampoo for bike and wash your bike with this shampoo. bike polish best shampoo for bike

You can see that your bike clean properly.  The vehicle must be polished and clean. If you can use the specially created best shampoo for the bike then you can see that the stains will remove permanently. You will not see wiz wash type of cleaning products that are so unique for you.

Just use a bit amount of shampoo on a duster and then apply it on your bike by mixing it with water. You can see that your bike looks amazing. The stains remove, dirt remove. The color of your bike becomes brighter.

You can also use our bike polish. The polish increases the beauty level of your bike. You can see that the bike shines after polish it. The result of polish shows you by the 1st use of bike polish. If you can use local products and you are happy with them so just try our polish once. We give you full surety that you become shocked to see the amazing result. home cleaning services

You always try to use our products and we also need your appreciation. You will try our products that are really useful to you. Wiz wash will never disappoint you. So use it and enjoy it. cleaning products.

Wiz wash Also has the best car shampoo, bike car polish, and Car Wax.

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